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Dogs need secure outside space.

I was recently asked to go and see a seven month old pup to address some house training issues.  What became apparent was the dog’s lack of access to the garden.  The dog had previously escaped out of the garden

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Puppies and Dogs.

I have recently started to work with a very large dog who is taller than me when he jumps up on his hind legs. Both as a private individual and a professional dog trainer I find this situation extremely worrying.

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Head Space

As a dog trainer I am passionate about training dogs and it is rarely a a task to go out and spend time training my own dogs. Although I have learnt along the way that you must be in the

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Socializing dogs with children.

  I received a telephone call from a distraught mother recently who was concerned about her dogs behaviour toward her eighteen month old daughter. After listening for a few minuets I asked her to describe to me again exactly what

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can you have a nice garden and a dog?

I have been asked for my thoughts on this matter by the garden writer in the Irish Times magazine (Home & Design supplement May 21) Here are some of my words: Think carefully about the size and breed traits of

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I have just received a call from a woman who was given a dog she did not want.  Please do not give a dog as a surprise present. It is often unwanted. The recipient is often grieving the loss of

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IKC Top Working trials dog 2014, 2015, & 2016. Working trials champion Sassy.

Sam & Sassy win again.
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Dog play & aggression

Recently There have been news reports of dogs being aggressive towards their owners and most recently on cows in Cork. I chatted with Pat Kenny on Newstalk 28/1/2016 about my opinion that dogs should never be allowed to use their

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Dog Training Resolutions for 2017

Well here we are well into 2017. Here are some useful tips to help to improve the relationship between you and your dog. To spend at least 30 mins with my dog every day. Even if that means fifteen minutes

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Advice on Buying a Puppy

Please do not buy a puppy without researching where it has come from. A good breeder will ask you the prospective owner as many questions as you should ask them. Both breeder and buyer should have the puppy’s welfare at

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