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  • Dog Training Resolutions (11/21/2011) - Well so far so good. As we head into 2018. Here are some useful tips to help to improve the relationship between you and your dog. To spend at least 30 mins  of play with my dog every day.  You
  • Is My Dog Happy? (11/26/2011) - Motivation is the key to any successful training programme but especially for behavioural problems. As before I can solve a problem such as inappropriate toileting indoors or possessive aggression I need to discover how the problem has developed and what
  • How to House Train a Puppy (11/27/2011) - Hello Everyone! This month’s topic is House-training. House training is providing a routine and the opportunity for the dog to associate the relief of an empty bladder with a particular surface area that you the owner have chosen. It is
  • How to Choose a Dog (11/27/2011) - May I suggest that when choosing to get a dog the following points must be considered. Does everyone in the household want a dog Who is the dog for? What is the reason for getting a dog, if the dog
  • Dog Boarding and Summer Time Dog Tips (11/27/2011) - Just a note about holidays, warm weather and kennelling Please check out boarding establishments in person. If you can it is advisable to leave you dog or cat for a weekend before your annual holiday, so that the animal knows
  • Dog Safety Tips (11/27/2011) - Just in case. Always keep your front gates/ hall door closed. Keep your dog on a lead when near traffic…even in the car park. Have your dog clearly identified and tagged. Do not allow children under the age of twelve
  • Socialising Dogs and Socialising Puppies (11/27/2011) - Due to their shorter life spans dog mature relatively faster then we do. Human are consider adults at 18 years old where as it takes a puppy just 1-2 years to mature. Consequently one week in a puppy’s life is
  • Possessive Dogs (11/27/2011) - Hello again. Recently I have had several owners contact me about their possessive dogs. This problem is usually described by the owner as the dog growls whenever it steals something and the owner tries to get it back. So for
  • Children and Dogs (11/27/2011) - Safety Guidlines Children and dogs no matter how well behaved should NEVER EVER be left unattended. Do not acquire a dog that is going to grow bigger than your smallest child. For children under the age of seven a small
  • Fetch! Teaching a Dog to Retrieve. (11/27/2011) - Previously we talked about how to avoid possessive aggression. The best way to prevent this is to teach the dog that fair exchange is not robbery… which is the underlying principal of the retrieve exercise. Teaching the dog how to