Dog Training Resolutions

Well so far so good. The second week of January 2017.. Here are some useful tips to help to improve the relationship between you and your dog.

  1. To spend at least 30 mins with my dog every day. Even if that means fifteen minutes in the morning and fifteen in the evening. This should include at least one walk if you are both up to it. Interaction is not weather dependent. Wet outside Play and train in the kitchen or the garage.
  2. The dog is a social animal so he needs company just as you and I need company. It is unnatural for a dog to be alone all day. Although they can and do adapt as long as you are good company when your are home.
  3. Do not get another dog to solve this problem. If you don’t have time for one dog you definitely don’t have time for two.
  4. Try to play with your dog , whether that be hide and seek ( this can be simple hiding treats under cushions or behind doors or obstacles, initially when your dog can see you and then building up to putting him out of sight before you send him in to find or retrieve the hidden treasure. Free running recalls are always a good one….I do lots of changing direction out in the field or by the river shouting ‘this way’ waiting for them to gallop past me. Play builds up your bond with your dog. The better the bond the safer the dog. ¬†We all need to play.
  5. If your dog sleeps outside or is an outdoor dog please bring him or her in for at least half an hour in the evening. If the dog has been relegated to the back garden because of bad behaviour. You have to bring the dog in, to allow it to learn how to behave. If you need help with this call me !
  6. Groom your dog at least once a week, even the short haired breeds. Grooming is also a social bonding activity.
  7. Please keep your temper. Do not share it with the dog or anyone else for that matter. If you need to let off steam, go into another room and scream.
  8. Do NOT blame the dog for your mistakes… Dogs do what dogs do!!
  9. Keep positive. All animals, including ourselves respond much better to kind, considerate and gentle handling. Only bullies use intimidation and physical abuse to subjugate. Do not confuse fear with respect.
  10. Think Dog… Think patience, kindness and understanding
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