Head Space

As a dog trainer I am passionate about training dogs and it is rarely a a task to go out and spend time training my own dogs. Although I have learnt along the way that you must be in the humour or the right frame of mind to train a dog. Dog training is about clear communication. Which is difficult enough without the waters being muddied by mood. The importance of being in the right frame of mind is important for both you and your dog as the dog has to try and figure out what you want first before it can carry out the behaviour to gain your pleasurable response. So you need to know what you requre beforee you ask your dog. Dog training requires time and patience which can only be given in a good mood.

This was highlighted to me recently by two clients. One who cancelled the training because she could not apply herself to it and it all seemed overwhelming. I did suggest to her that she may need the help of a person more qualified than a dog trainer.

The other clients new puppy problems arose out of his grief for his previous dog,

To train a dog requires a plan, time, patience, love , a good mood and HEAD SPACE.

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