Puppies and Dogs.

I have recently started to work with a very large dog who is taller than me when he jumps up on his hind legs.

Both as a private individual and a professional dog trainer I find this situation extremely worrying. So far this dog has not injured me or knocked me over yet.  Although I have to admit I do feel intimidated by him, which I think is exactly what he wants.

This large bouncy boisterous and potentially dangerous Shepherd/ Labrador mix highlights the importance of  starting yours dogs  training as early as you can.  The only dog I have had since a puppy her training the day I accepted her and gave her a name. Her first lesson was learning to wear a collar and lead and allowing herself to be handled by lots of people. I was on a dog course at the time so there were lots of different people to socialise her with.  she learned her name, followed by a three hour car journey. Her first pee as my dog was in a field near my house and then she was brought into my garden when she arrived where she eventually did her poo. She spent her first night in a puppy crate in my  room, so she was learning control from a very early age.

Unfortunately for me my client’s dog has had none of this early training.  He has been given free run of the yard and garden and is pretty much left to his own devices which are now developing into vices. No one has taken responsibility for him.  He is like a neglected latch key child who is now running on the wrong side of the tracks.  He mouths me and tries to mount me when I enter the property. It can be a foolish thing to try and give a dog instruction on his territory.   He now knows how strong he is and will try and wrestle you if you take him by the collar.

Dogs that know their own strength can be dangerous if they use that  strength to prevent handling and control.A yorkshire terrier can be equally as dangerous to an elderly or infirm owner as a large dog is to a younger one.

Dog training should start as young as eight weeks old.

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